sábado, 26 de novembro de 2011

What's the best option - Alvão 2011

This is the second time that I post the rubric and from now on will be published once a mounth.
The last time was in Petrer , the beautiful city in Spain and this time is in Alvão that is a beautiful area and it is in Viseu , north of Portugal.
The option is in the second day map.

 Is the 2º point to the 3º.
 The point have 1,85 kms of distance

 I think that have 4 best options:

Blue - have 2,12 kms

Red - have 2,01 kms

Green - have 2,03 kms

Pink - have 2,13 kms

What's the best option ?
Put on the coments what option you choose.

My option....( I went firstly to 4 )

I want to see your opinion on the coments!


segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011

Orienteering Stage OriMarão

Today my story talks about a Orienteering Stage ( 22 and 23 October ) organized by OriMarão Team that took place in Alvão , more precesily in Muas.
We go with COC Team to this Stage that receives me and Vera very good.

In Saturday, 22 October, we have some trainings preparing for us.
To Warm Up we do a Line Route with 1,3 kms and a scale 1:10.000 and I did it in 14 minutes and 12 seconds.
 A big mistake in the midle of this route that makes me stay long time out of the line

The first training is Control Picking - lots of points with small distance with it and with many changes of direction.
The problem is that in this stage we don't have points in the terrain , instead of that we only have tapes to mark the correct place of the point.
Its very dificult to found the tapes in this type of terrain but thus forcing us to navegate with precision.

I don´t found some tapes like the points 2,11 and 22 but as you can see  I pass in the correct place of the point in the map.

I don't did many errors because the major part of times that I miss time is because I was finding the tape.

My errors is in the point 2, 9,17 and 22:
2 - Litle deviation - 2'50
9- Big dviation on the begining - 3'30
17 - I went to the 16º point first - '35
22- Litle deviation on the point's area - 3'45

In this course with 2,3 kms I did 46 minutes and 24 seconds.

In the second training is Circle - map without paths and other big references, just rocks, diferent areas and level curves and this route is to be made without compass.
In this route with 2 kms I did 37 minutes.

To be more dificult I folded the map

I more time I lost lot of time searchimg the tapes
2 - I search the point to early - 1'45
3 - Big Hesitation and dificult to find the tape - 1'
6,7,8 - Lost time in find the tape - 10'
9 - Big Hesitation in all leg - 2'30
10 - Huge Hesitation in point's area - 2'

I lost 7 minutes and 15 seconds in hesitations. I have to be more confident

In afternoon we have other training this time a normal route with 3,6 kms in 1 hour and 24 minutes and I do this route to the contrary

In total I lost 40 minutes and 20 seconds of wich 15 minutes is to find the tapes between the rocks.

On the dinner with COC

Preparing the training


In the second day ( 23 October ) we do another training this time with 6,5 kms because we cut in 5,6 12 and  3 points and I did 1 hour and 14 minutes.

2 - I arrive at the precise place of the point but just 2 minutes after I see the tape - '2
3 - In the midle of this gigantic leg I try to pass a river to do a diferent option but I couldn't pass and I back to my previous track - '4
7 - I don't realise that point was in the white area ( floresst ) because I was very tired duo to previous big leg - 4'
8 - Big Hesitation on the final of the leg - 3'45
9 - Troubles to find the tape in the undergrowth - 2'
15 - I don´t know what I think in this point because I started to search the tape in the first rocks and the point in the lowest part and in the last rocks - 4'
16 - Litle Hesitation - '45

In total I lost 20 minutes and 30 seconds.
In this training the tapes are more visible and I just lost 4 minutes to find it.


domingo, 20 de novembro de 2011

The Mad Wednesday

Hello ,
Today I will talk about a wednesday afternoon (18 October) that was very hot and I decided to do a Orienteering training.
I took my bike and go away. 
Firstly I have to go to the place where I will training 1 that is 9,7 kms from my house.

I do this 9,7 kms in 38 minutes and 23 seconds

I stop in my friend's house that is inside the map I will training and I was completely exhausted by the heat

The first training was a Sprint training in Malveira da Serra

This is old map that I had in home and in the training I couldn´t go to all points because this place have for example new fences.
I don't go exactly to the point's place in 4, 11 and 12.
I passed the last points,13 to 24, because I was very tired and after that I have to back home.
In this training I think that I don't had many errors and the errors that I do is because the points aren´t in the terrain.

In the second "training" with my friend Rafael. 

We do just a few points(8,9,10,11 and 16) because I would explain to him the basics of Orienteering and how to orientate a map and in the final of the course Rafael is excited to participate in one Orienteering Competition.

After the two courses I have to back home and to do that I decided to go in a diferent way

In the 2  the battery of my garmin rans out and the point 1 to point 2 is 8,7 kms and I do 22 minutes and 27 seconds.

 The sea and the Horizon - Inspiring

The last part of the journey ( mark yellow ) have 14,6 kms and I do it in 1 hour and 2 minutes.

 Velocity !!!!!!!! ( press play to see the video )

 Passing some cars
 My Shadow

In total I do:

Bike - 33 Kms
Orienteering - 4,7 kms

I have to thank Rafael for the hospitality.


quarta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2011

World Heritage Meeting Évora

Hi Guys,
In this message i will talk about the race that i've participated in 15 October.
I Know ..... a long time ago
I promise that by the end of this week I'll update the blog.

This race took place in Évora, more precisely in S. Bartolomeu of Outeiro.
I've been there before 3 times but in this race the map is new.
Is a map with good progression and a lot of rock details and dense vegetation near them and this is what makes this map so interesting.
In the morning my course had 4.6 km and 145 m climb and I do missing point - MP ( on 16º point )

2 - Hesitation on the point's area - '25
5 - Little Hesitation on the point´s área - '15
6 - I run in the best option but in the end of the leg I have problems to find the point - 2'20
9 - I pass close to the point and I don´t see it and lost lot of time to find it - 4'10
10 - Huge Hesitation on the point area - 1'05
11 - A little deviation on the final of the leg that drove me to another rocky outcrop - 1'30
13 - Big deviation with a wrong azimute - '50
16 - I miss this point ( I pass so close.... with the quickroute file you can see this )
18 - I wasn't look in the point's right place - '20

In total I lost 10 minutes and 55 seconds , a lot of time for a race like that.
If I don´t have done the MP I stay 10 minutes behind the first athlete.
My opponents are very strong now. 
I have to train harder to have nice results.

H17             4.6 km      145 m            
    1   3581 Tiago Baltazar             95 [133] GDU Azoia             33:50 
    2   5240 Samuel Leal                 94 [127] Ginásio                  38:40 
    3   4324 Paul Roothans             95 [035] CN Alvito                45:46
        3553 Diogo Barradas          96 [094] CPOC                     mp 
My race was not the best but the last thing that I expected is do a MP.
My disappointment face
                I arrive with a MP                       and......                     Schocks full of leaves
 Talking with friends and preparing me for the race of afertnoon

In the afternoon I have one more race .
This time is a mass start race with 5.6 km that I've done in 55.28 minutes. 

1 - Big deviation - 1'20
3 - Big Hesitation and I don't find a reason to do that in this point - '55
4 - I pass the point and I don´t saw it - '45
5 - I lost myself in the middle of the leg and after relocate me - 1'20
8 - Hesitation on the point's area - '20
9 - I pass in the wrong place of the fence and lost myself again - 2´40
10 - Error in choosing the best option to the point - 2'
15 - Little desviation - '15
18 - Huge hesitations and error in the point's area - 2'30
19 - Little hesitations in all leg - '45

In total i lost 12 minutes and 50 seconds.
In this race I lost a lot of time in stupid things like hesitations.
In the mass start concentration
H17  (6)                 5.7 km  210 m   26 C         

    1   4324 Paul Roothans             95 [035] CN Alvito                   46:45 
    2   5240 Samuel Leal                94 [127] Ginásio                      49:30 
    3   3581 Tiago Baltazar            95 [133] GDU Azoia                51:36 
    4   3553 Diogo Barradas        96 [094] CPOC                       55:28

In the end I think that this races went bad for me and I know that I can do better.


domingo, 13 de novembro de 2011

Orienteering Stage .COM

Hi Guys,
From now my blog is writen only in English
I don't have much time to update the blog because of the school in the week and in the weekend i have almost always races.
Today i will talk about the Stage that was mouth ago in Moscoso ( 8 and 9 October ).

In Saturday we mede the trip very early and we arrive too early.
The first training ( 8 october ) were on Moscoso with 5.6 km and the scale was 1:1000 and i do 1 hour and 36 minutes

I done this training in the beginning of the season and i don't have legs to stand in the same rate that i have in the rest of the season.

2 - I pass the point and i don't see it - 1'30
3 - I pass the path and i run out of map and lost lot of time out of map - 5'35
4 - Error in choosing the best path to point ( redline ) - '50
5 - Lost lot of time in the midle of the point because i stop running and i lost too in the point area - 14'25
6 - Hesitation on point area - '30
7 - I run in the best option but in the final I have to attack the point in diferent way because the vegetation undergrowth - 4´10
8 - Litle hesitation in the point area - '40
9 - Huge los of time in the point area - 1'50
10 - Hesitation in the midlle of the option - '35
11 - Error in chosing the best option to point ( i do 2 times more distance than the redline ) - 3'55
12 - Lost completely - 1'
14 - Litle hesitation in the midlle of the option and in the final the point isn't in the correct place - 1'15

In the final I lost a total of 35 minutes and 25 seconds.
In this trainning I lost a lot of time in all course because of  the dense vegetation that in the map doesn't exist in some areas and from the point 5 I think that my trainning is over because I lost a lot of time in this point and in the next points I don't had head to do goods points.

In the afternoon we had other training with 5.0 km but we were so tired that we decide to do a diferent type of training.
The training consists in the Coach ( Alex ) start 15 seconds first with a medium rhythm of run and we had to pass the Coach before we arrive at the point.
We done only 5 points.

8 - Little hesitation in the midle of the option - '45
10 - I pass the point and i don't saw it - 1'05

In this trainning i'm very tired and I do 2 stupids errors in 5 points.

In the second day ( 9 october ) after a nice night to rest we had a course with 5.6 km and i do 1 hour 34 minutes and 35 seconds.
I like a lot this map. Have a lot of clean florest that is good to run


1 - Huge hesitation in the point area - 4´50
2 - Bad decision on the option to the point - '35
3 - Bad decision in the choose of the route in the beginning of the option - 3'15
4 - Big hesitation on the point area - '3'55
5 - Big deviation - 1'45
6 - In the point area I lost some time - 1'50
7 - Little hesitations along the leg - 2'
8 - Huge Hesitation - 1'35
10 - In this point I don't have legs to run - 1'05
11 - The total lost ( i'm lost but at the same time the point isn´t in the correct place ) - 20'40
13 - Little Hesitation - '45

In the final I lost a total of 42 minutes and 35 seconds.

I lost a lot of time in the 11 point. Before that my trainning was good.

The balance of this stage was good despite being in poor shape physically.
But I leave this terrains with more confidence for the next races.