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Orienteering Stage OriMarão

Today my story talks about a Orienteering Stage ( 22 and 23 October ) organized by OriMarão Team that took place in Alvão , more precesily in Muas.
We go with COC Team to this Stage that receives me and Vera very good.

In Saturday, 22 October, we have some trainings preparing for us.
To Warm Up we do a Line Route with 1,3 kms and a scale 1:10.000 and I did it in 14 minutes and 12 seconds.
 A big mistake in the midle of this route that makes me stay long time out of the line

The first training is Control Picking - lots of points with small distance with it and with many changes of direction.
The problem is that in this stage we don't have points in the terrain , instead of that we only have tapes to mark the correct place of the point.
Its very dificult to found the tapes in this type of terrain but thus forcing us to navegate with precision.

I don´t found some tapes like the points 2,11 and 22 but as you can see  I pass in the correct place of the point in the map.

I don't did many errors because the major part of times that I miss time is because I was finding the tape.

My errors is in the point 2, 9,17 and 22:
2 - Litle deviation - 2'50
9- Big dviation on the begining - 3'30
17 - I went to the 16º point first - '35
22- Litle deviation on the point's area - 3'45

In this course with 2,3 kms I did 46 minutes and 24 seconds.

In the second training is Circle - map without paths and other big references, just rocks, diferent areas and level curves and this route is to be made without compass.
In this route with 2 kms I did 37 minutes.

To be more dificult I folded the map

I more time I lost lot of time searchimg the tapes
2 - I search the point to early - 1'45
3 - Big Hesitation and dificult to find the tape - 1'
6,7,8 - Lost time in find the tape - 10'
9 - Big Hesitation in all leg - 2'30
10 - Huge Hesitation in point's area - 2'

I lost 7 minutes and 15 seconds in hesitations. I have to be more confident

In afternoon we have other training this time a normal route with 3,6 kms in 1 hour and 24 minutes and I do this route to the contrary

In total I lost 40 minutes and 20 seconds of wich 15 minutes is to find the tapes between the rocks.

On the dinner with COC

Preparing the training


In the second day ( 23 October ) we do another training this time with 6,5 kms because we cut in 5,6 12 and  3 points and I did 1 hour and 14 minutes.

2 - I arrive at the precise place of the point but just 2 minutes after I see the tape - '2
3 - In the midle of this gigantic leg I try to pass a river to do a diferent option but I couldn't pass and I back to my previous track - '4
7 - I don't realise that point was in the white area ( floresst ) because I was very tired duo to previous big leg - 4'
8 - Big Hesitation on the final of the leg - 3'45
9 - Troubles to find the tape in the undergrowth - 2'
15 - I don´t know what I think in this point because I started to search the tape in the first rocks and the point in the lowest part and in the last rocks - 4'
16 - Litle Hesitation - '45

In total I lost 20 minutes and 30 seconds.
In this training the tapes are more visible and I just lost 4 minutes to find it.


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