sábado, 26 de novembro de 2011

What's the best option - Alvão 2011

This is the second time that I post the rubric and from now on will be published once a mounth.
The last time was in Petrer , the beautiful city in Spain and this time is in Alvão that is a beautiful area and it is in Viseu , north of Portugal.
The option is in the second day map.

 Is the 2º point to the 3º.
 The point have 1,85 kms of distance

 I think that have 4 best options:

Blue - have 2,12 kms

Red - have 2,01 kms

Green - have 2,03 kms

Pink - have 2,13 kms

What's the best option ?
Put on the coments what option you choose.

My option....( I went firstly to 4 )

I want to see your opinion on the coments!


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