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Hi Guys,
From now my blog is writen only in English
I don't have much time to update the blog because of the school in the week and in the weekend i have almost always races.
Today i will talk about the Stage that was mouth ago in Moscoso ( 8 and 9 October ).

In Saturday we mede the trip very early and we arrive too early.
The first training ( 8 october ) were on Moscoso with 5.6 km and the scale was 1:1000 and i do 1 hour and 36 minutes

I done this training in the beginning of the season and i don't have legs to stand in the same rate that i have in the rest of the season.

2 - I pass the point and i don't see it - 1'30
3 - I pass the path and i run out of map and lost lot of time out of map - 5'35
4 - Error in choosing the best path to point ( redline ) - '50
5 - Lost lot of time in the midle of the point because i stop running and i lost too in the point area - 14'25
6 - Hesitation on point area - '30
7 - I run in the best option but in the final I have to attack the point in diferent way because the vegetation undergrowth - 4´10
8 - Litle hesitation in the point area - '40
9 - Huge los of time in the point area - 1'50
10 - Hesitation in the midlle of the option - '35
11 - Error in chosing the best option to point ( i do 2 times more distance than the redline ) - 3'55
12 - Lost completely - 1'
14 - Litle hesitation in the midlle of the option and in the final the point isn't in the correct place - 1'15

In the final I lost a total of 35 minutes and 25 seconds.
In this trainning I lost a lot of time in all course because of  the dense vegetation that in the map doesn't exist in some areas and from the point 5 I think that my trainning is over because I lost a lot of time in this point and in the next points I don't had head to do goods points.

In the afternoon we had other training with 5.0 km but we were so tired that we decide to do a diferent type of training.
The training consists in the Coach ( Alex ) start 15 seconds first with a medium rhythm of run and we had to pass the Coach before we arrive at the point.
We done only 5 points.

8 - Little hesitation in the midle of the option - '45
10 - I pass the point and i don't saw it - 1'05

In this trainning i'm very tired and I do 2 stupids errors in 5 points.

In the second day ( 9 october ) after a nice night to rest we had a course with 5.6 km and i do 1 hour 34 minutes and 35 seconds.
I like a lot this map. Have a lot of clean florest that is good to run


1 - Huge hesitation in the point area - 4´50
2 - Bad decision on the option to the point - '35
3 - Bad decision in the choose of the route in the beginning of the option - 3'15
4 - Big hesitation on the point area - '3'55
5 - Big deviation - 1'45
6 - In the point area I lost some time - 1'50
7 - Little hesitations along the leg - 2'
8 - Huge Hesitation - 1'35
10 - In this point I don't have legs to run - 1'05
11 - The total lost ( i'm lost but at the same time the point isn´t in the correct place ) - 20'40
13 - Little Hesitation - '45

In the final I lost a total of 42 minutes and 35 seconds.

I lost a lot of time in the 11 point. Before that my trainning was good.

The balance of this stage was good despite being in poor shape physically.
But I leave this terrains with more confidence for the next races.


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